Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sneak peek: some early rehearsal photos!

In an effort to keep our fans as involved as possible in the development and growth of our productions, we've decided to share some photos from last Monday's rehearsal. More to come as we get closer to production!

Louis Aquiler, David Lawson, Tyler Ham Pong
Louis Aquiler
Alissa Laderer, Kate German
Tyler Ham Pong, Alissa Laderer, Kate German, Mary-Nicole Dorn

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Facebook event is up and running!

We've created an official Facebook event for "Time Traveling with Cannibals." Please let us know if you're coming and show your support here.

And for those of you whose souls have yet to be compromised by online social networking, you can still grab some tickets here.

Finally, please stayed tuned for some rehearsal pictures, which we plan to post by the end of the week!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to the blog

Dear Friends,
The Hyper Aware Theater Company is proud to unveil our new blog/website. We hope to use this site, in conjunction with our Facebook and Twitter pages, to keep you updated on our current projects and company-related news.

That said, we're currently in rehearsals for Gary Ferrar's newest piece, "Time Traveling with Cannibals." All performances are at The Spoon Theater (38 West 38th Street, NYC):

7/28: 2PM and 8PM
7/29: 8PM
7/30: 8PM and 11PM

General tickets are $15, VIP tickets (including an open wine bar) are $18, and can be purchased here.

Directed by Gary Ferrar
With Tyler Ham Pong, Louis Aquiler, David Lawson, Cynthia Shaw, Joel Haberli, Alissa Laderer, Mary-Nicole Dorn, Kate German, and Ashton Crosby.

Set design by Ashley M. Lewis
Lighting design by Kelvin Moon Loh
Sound design by Brendan Byrne
Stage Managed by Jessica Monahan

We'd love to see you there!