Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Media Updates and Teasers

Happy Friday, loves,

All rehearsals have been going splendidly. We're incredibly excited over the recent media and blogger interest in Wild Blue, and have been quite surprised at the big response from the travel and flight attendant communities—by turns welcoming, suspicious, excited, and hesitant. Tickets have also been live for about a week and the advance support is very uplifting. So thank you, all, for your involvement so far.

Speaking of involvement, we’ve always made a concerted effort to keep our fans, friends, and potential audience members included in the evolution of our projects, and this time is no exception. We’re currently putting together a video series for Wild Blue as a way for you to meet the cast and learn a bit about their characters and the play. The first segment will run next week. In the meantime, please enjoy some early rehearsal photos an extremely brief promo video for one of our sister productions, Titanic (below).

And one last reminder about our Kickstarter fundraiser. We’ve got 7 days to go and only need $108 to reach our goal. It would help us tremendously! If you can’t make any of the shows, please consider donating to the cause. Your wallet may be a little lighter, but your heart will be too!



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