Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Small but significant changes!

As this blog serves as the Hyper Aware digital portal, our online hub, we recently made a few minor changes to its content and layout in an effort to streamline our various social media pages. So please take a look around. You'll find that:

Up top, you can now watch a slideshow of all our production photos from Flickr. While on your right, you can read our most recent Twitter posts and "Like" us on Facebook without ever leaving the blog! But if you happen to want to head over to our full satellite pages, we've installed handy buttons for all three media sites, and one for YouTube (also in the right-side frame). Venturing beyond the blog will bring you deeper into Hyper Aware's rabbit hole, something we highly recommend.

Additionally, you can buy tickets to our latest production, #Gutterdrunk, at the top of the page (via our lovely friends at Brown Paper Tickets), or join our new mailing list courtesy of MailChimp by entering your email over in the ever-popular right panel.

Most importantly, we also updated the color scheme.

Back to rehearsing,
The Hyper Aware Team

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